Keep the luxurious look of your door with the convenience for your pet to come and go as they please. Give your pet the perfect passage between your home and the outdoors. Small, Medium, Large? You name it, we make it!


Sliding Patio Door with Pet Door


French Swing Doors

Pet Door Availability:

  • Custom made to fit your needs
  • Grid options available
  • French Swing Door, French Sliding Door, or Sliding Patio Door


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French swing doors are the ultimate in luxury appeal. We have several combinations and designs for your exquisite taste. You have the option for them to swing in or out, single or double doors and you can add active or fixed sidelights. Our door handles are installed into aluminum reinforcement beams to keep your doors secure. To add to your peace of mind, these exterior doors have locks that are installed with a dual point system that secures both top and bottom frame. The standard handle finish is white enamel, although other options are available.

French Swing Doors

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